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Stuff About Me

Basic Info

Name: Midnight and Pizza (Real Name Brittany Lol)
Birthday: October 1st 1997
Zodiac: Libra But I Adopted Capricorn due to it having alot of things about me lol
Language: English
Other: Straight / Taken
Favorite Seasons: Spring/Fall
Favorite Youtubers: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier,Many More

Favorite Stuff

Colors: All of the Colors (But my Most Fav is Black & White)
Music: It's hard to tell cause i like alot of songs So I Guess you can Call It a Mix lol
Food: JunkFood lol Srsly I Guess that makes me Junkfoodaterian xD

What I Like

Music (Except Rap >>)
Holidays (Top Favs: Halloween and Christmas)
Swimming (even though Almost got Drowned by those stupid Public Schools)

What I Hate

Loud People ><
People That are Stuck up
Loud Noises (Srsly)
Cold Weather
Mean People

Favorite Shows

Mlp (my little pony G1/G3/G4)
Paw Patrol
Bubble Guppies
LPS (Littlest Pet Shop)
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Between The Lions
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Liberty Kids
Dragon Tales
The Berenstian Bears
Timothy Goes to School
Fairy Odd Parents
Brandy and Mr Whiskers
And a Few Others

Sites/Games I Go On (Incase You Wanna Add Me)

Webkinz: MagentaStar97 & MagentaStar150 & MagentaStar151 & MagentaStar100 & MagentastaStar155 & MagentaStar152 & MagentaStar153 & MagentaStar154 & MagentaStar156

Animal Jam: MagentaStar

Furcadia: I Am :star: Super Star :star: And Blood Soul Devil (Feel Free to message me On Their)


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eevee photo: Eevee Family EeveeFam_by_Zuno86.gif

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Pokemon 2

Pikachu and Eevee photo tumblr_nbkluyyzEJ1qbmz7eo1_500_zpsylykgucs.gif

Glaceon and Eevee photo tumblr_naftvdB5DR1t032lco1_500_zpsmlgt00ub.gif

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:star: Current Balance: 748 (When I Get to 30,000 I Will Be Sparing Points to Others When i get to it though Note I Don't wanna get Below 700 >>)

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Stuff Waiting For

:iconmuffinz01: (Finished Just Need To Upload Take your Time)…

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Hey Everyone

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 1, 2015, 10:15 AM

Hey Everyone Happy August 1st =) i been doing good just been watching stuff on yt until i can wake up at 6am for poke XD been mostly on X lately hatching lol i actually skipped the shiny vulpix so i am doing the shiny eevee now then i will do poochyena or electrike and try to get a shiny version of them btw if anyone noticed i already bought the binders XD their already in the stuff waiting for pic if no one noticed nad that I Am only getting the 9 pocket binders of them the 4 pocket ones suck lol they need to invent more 9 pocket binders XD especially the leafeon/glaceon that one should of been a 9 pocket instead of a 4 pocket but meh If anyone was curious of how i am doing i been doing good and fine =3 abit bored here and there but good I Already know my Birthday is in 2 Months XD stupid days going quick >> lol it sucks somewhat but it's life Anyways I Hope you all been doing good and been enjoying your day Anyways That's All

11 More episodes left to go For Season 1

Mlp Ocs: 139
Pokemon Cards Score: 2006
Webkinz Collection: 47
G3 Ponies Irl: 47
G3 Ponies Trying to Get: 223 (lol)

Stuff Going To Do

Fix/Move Pokemon Cards to new Binders
Get Caught Up on Pokemon Cards Need 9 Themedecks left
Watch all 11 Episodes of Season 1 of Pokemon
Get Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Get some Singles (Whenever i get the Poke cards moved and the theme decks)
Organize Binders lol

Fav Vids

Which Eeveelution Is Your Fav? 

6 deviants said All Of Them
5 deviants said Sylveon
4 deviants said Umbreon
2 deviants said Vaporeon
2 deviants said Flareon
2 deviants said Espeon
2 deviants said Leafeon
1 deviant said Eevee
1 deviant said Jolteon
No deviants said Glaceon


Aug 2, 2015
6:42 pm
Aug 2, 2015
6:25 pm
Aug 2, 2015
4:27 pm
Aug 2, 2015
1:54 pm
Aug 2, 2015
9:33 am


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lyra and bon bon became cat dog ponies xD
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lol XD
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Thank you so much for the Fav of Over Spilled Pancakes by Uluri
Super Appreciate it! Hope you have a nice day.
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I don't know how you got unwatched, but I think my 7 year old cousin may have mistakenly messed with my DA page.
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